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Chupa Chups Mega Chups Limited Edition

The Chupa Chups Mega Chups consists of 15 Chupa Chups Mix of Fruits lollipops.                                                                                    

Chupa Chups Minnie Mouse Heart

The Minnie Mouse Heart contains 6 Chupa Chups strawberry flavoured lollipops, 4 Minnie Mouse figurines, 1 game and dice. This is a perfect item whilst travelling.                                                                        

Chupa Chups Cool Friends Back Pack
The soft toy contains a variety of 16 Chupa Chups lollipops and can be re-used as a FUN backpack making it a perfect gift item for kids. As from of this year, the family has a NEW family member: Do not hesitate and please Say Hi to our characters & meet the sweet Crocodile, Monkey, Frog & Pink Dino!                                    

Chupa Chups Sweet Magnets

These travel related magnets will turn your fridge into a true memorable experience! With different sweet messages, such as Love you, Miss you, Want you & Thank you, it forms the perfect gift item for teens & young adults. Each sweet message comes with 8 different mini fruity lollipops. It definitely is a must-have attribute to give or receive!                                            

Chupa Chups Fun Pen

The Chupa Chups Fun Pen is the perfect trigger for kids to be creative and make real art out of a Strawberry lollipop, whilst enjoying their own painted wafer or candy. Which child does not want to have a pen with eatable ink? This gift item comes with 4 strawberry lollipops, 2 fun pens & 2 eatable wafers, so let the FUN begin!                                   

Chupa Chups Minnie Mouse Suitcase

The Minnie Mouse Suitcase contains 10 Chupa Chups Mix of Fruits lollipops and 6 Minnie Mouse stickers. The suitcase is functional and reusable.                                                                           

Mentos Mini UFO dispenser

Have you ever wondered whether UFO’s exist? Have you ever wondered whether UFO’s exist that drop real Mentos into the atmosphere? Let us introduce to you the Mentos Mini Ufo Dispenser! A playful gift that can be decorated with 9 stickers of little aliens. The UFO functions as a dispenser and can be easily refilled. This gift comes with 8 mini Mentos rolls in cola, orange,lemon & strawberry flavour.

Mentos Secret Book

Within this Secret Book you can store all your little secrets without anyone noticing it. The modern travel design makes it the perfect premium gift item for (young) adults. Live the World!                                                                  

Sour Gummi Peach Hearts Halal

Trolli Sour Gummi Peach Hearts Halal make the heart beat faster – and not only of those who eat according to halal principles. The combination of crisp-sour sugaring and fruity peach aroma sweetens the day of all those with sweet teeth. And we at Trolli make sure that they are halal-certified according to Islamic criteria.

Gummi Fruit Salad Halal

Imagine you are lying in a hammock in a fragrantly scented orchard. A bowl of Trolli Fruit Salad Halal is lying beside you. You take a handful and the taste of a fresh fruit salad enfolds in your mouth. Yummm! And have you already forgotten that you are really sitting at your workplace?

Hot Dog

A Hot Dog is an essential with every proper fast food meal, especially when it is made of a delicious soft fruit gum and created with a great love of detail. The Trolli Hot Dog is made up of two parts: a bread roll with salad, a decent portion of ketchup and a sausage with mustard. It tastes fruity and fresh of pineapple and strawberry with a hint of yoghurt and cream. Grab one now!

Gummi World

The best of our colourful Trolli world is united here. In the Trolli Gummi World, there are small practical bags with your favourite Trolli products: to tuck in your pocket and take with you, give as a gift, hide somewhere safe and then enjoy!

Mini Burger

Our Trolli Burgers have already created a furore all over the world attaining cult status long ago. You can get the original in mini-format too! We’ve created these burgers with a great love of detail, right down to the tiniest sesame seed. They look amazingly similar to their big brothers. However they won’t grow any bigger, except maybe in your mouth, because no-one can resist their original flavour combinations of rhubarb, raspberry, strawberry, pineapple-kiwi-gooseberry with a touch of yoghurt and cream for long. Bite into one now!

PEZí@Hello Kitty

1 Hello Kitty PEZ dispenser
10 refill packs
2 stickers

XXL Minnie PEZ Dispenser

As an XXL PEZ dispenser, Disney’s stylish lady is not only set to wow as a candy dispenser, but also as a popular accessory. Together with 14 refill packs, it is almost guaranteed to bring XXL fun.

XXL Mickey PEZ Dispenser

The Disney classic cuts a fine figure as an XXL PEZ dispenser, making it not only a candy dispenser, but also a popular play buddy. Together with 14 refill packs, it is almost guaranteed to bring XXL fun.

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